Learn Yuen Method Improve Daily



to impact your life  instantly! 

 with Yuen Method Consultant

Khadine Alcock.

Yuen Method Supercourses


In every Live workshop, YOu will Learn:

- Shift energy


- How to Strengthen energetic weaknesses


- How to strengthen yourself to energetic weaknesses


- How to clear energy blocks


- How delete your issues


- How to make yourself neutral


- How to use your insight to find your answers


- How to heal others, animals, situations and environments

Course Content  

We focus on varying aspects of the Yuen Method including:


- Neutrality


- Eveness, Stability and Balance


- Body, Mind and Spirit


- Identifying weak energy and strong energy


- Numerical Profiling for faster results


- Physical Intelligence


- Telepathy


- Intuition, Insight and Perception Clearing